Design Services
During design development we work to define the scope of the project and add a level of detail that accurately describes the project. We create design documentation to describe the project through the use of sketches, material samples, orthographic drawings, and models.
Our designer, Raul Varela, looks for unexpected site conditions and plans for shipping, installation and maintenance as part of the process.
Conceptual design begins with clear goals, nature, size and financial parameters, schedule and target audience. During this stage we develop the nature and identity of a project and our strategy to meet the goals of our clients.
Fuzam’s design staff uses a variety of mediums such as sketches, renderings, illustrations and study models.
Fuzam Inc. excels in conceptual estimating, helping designers and architects at the beginning of a project to realistically meet their budget goals. When we join a project team early in the process, we can help with support in materials selection and technical design alternatives while calculating the budget impacts of those decisions. Once a concept moves forward, the Fuzam team can assist with value engineering and creative problem solving before fabrication begins.


In conjunction with Fuzam Inc’s consulting engineers, our technical designers team together for a multitude of engineering applications. Our drawings are produced in AutoCAD and follow Architectural Graphics Standards.
Fuzam’s construction documents direct our in-house fabrication team as well as outside consultants, vendors and contractors.
Our drafters work in tandem with the technical director to ensure that the original design intent is followed through the details and on to the finished product.